OP Consultation

Our OP Consultation procedure is extremely adaptable. After patient registration, the out-patient consultation process takes over. The system we offer is patient-centric, capturing all activities performed on the patient from scheduling through check-out. The procedure includes things like patient pre-consultation with a nurse before seeing a doctor.

Day-Care Service

We offer a broad range of healthcare services, including consultations, specialist doctor advice, comprehensive diagnostic services, and a pharmacy. At our Day- Care, we provide a patient-friendly environment in which patients and caregivers can walk in, be treated, and be discharged on the same day.

We provide access to the skills and experience of a regular doctor’s panel of specialists, but without the hospitalisation. In light of the fact that many treatments can be done in a matter of hours, overnight hospitalisation merely adds to the cost and difficulty for patients and their families. We developed Day-Care services at Dr. Syed Naveed’s Clinic to prevent overnight hospitalisation for minor procedures.